August 5, 2019

What is Tig Welding and its different Applications?

Tig welding, commonly referred to as tungsten arc/inert gas welding is a fabrication process used to join metals utilizing a non-consumable tungsten electrode, filler material, and inert gas shielding. It is one of the most effective metal fusion processes offered in the welding industry.

What is TIG welding?

Tig welding or tungsten inert gas welding can be defined in various ways according to one’s comprehension of it. However, the conventional tig welding definition is; a manual electric welding process which utilizes a burning arc to produce fusion energy between the metal and the wire feeding or filler material with the utilization of a non-consumable tungsten electrode.

An inert gas is supplied from a gas nozzle to shield and protect the weld pool, tungsten electrode and the arc against detrimental effects by the atmospheric gases during the welding process. This type of welding is compatible for use with both direct and alternating current. Tig applications transcend multiple industries, as discussed hereunder.

what is tig welding

Applications of Tig welding

Due to its vast usage with different metals and alloys, Tig welding is applied in a variety of industries to create or repair metallic items. In this regard, this article enumerates some of the applications of Tig welding.

1.  Aerospace 

Aircraft, as well as spacecraft, is partly made of magnesium metal. Tig welding is widely used in its fabrication for its high precision and unbeatable strength. Tig welding has the ability to fuse the intricate airplane parts and the plane’s skin while still enhancing its much valued aesthetic value. This method is most preferred in welding aircraft parts.

2.  Art and Craft 

Art is all about appealing and attractive finishes. Sculptures and industrial fixes need nothing less than a smooth finish to enhance their cosmetic appearance. Tig is the number one go-to welding process when working on a piece of art. Most artists recommend it as it works best with metals of minimal thickness producing a strong structure with a smooth finish.

3.  Automobile Industry 

Safety is always prioritized in the making of automobiles. This ensures the vehicles stand the test of time while serving their purpose. One of the advantages of Tig welding is making rust-resistant metal fusion. This ability is widely applied in the automobile industry to avoid rusting of crucial vehicle parts. Additionally, it strengthens the bond making it tough and therefore safer. 

4.  Food Manufacturing Industry

ISO 22000 stipulates that food manufacturing industry utilize stainless steel in their manufacturing and packaging processes. Tig welding has been found to be the best welding process in making and repairing stainless steel made equipment and packaging material. This is a must-know basic knowledge in food industry engineering.

5.  Building and Construction 

In this time and age, construction has shifted from the common building blocks and concrete to more complex and much more efficient processes accommodating materials like aluminum and steel. Skyscrapers were the pioneer of this transition. The fabrication of these aluminum glass panel and steel staircase railings are made using Tig welding technique.

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