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How to define Electrode Holder?

An electrode holder is equipment that holds an electrode in a position that is secure and safe during welding. It is also known as a stinger in the welding language. There are different sizes of electrode holders which are made in various designs by the different manufacturer. Although the designs may be different, each electrode holder is designed in a way that it can exchange the electrode quicker and faster. The electrode holder has a hollow handle which is insulated that allows the secure attachment of the welding cable to the holder. 

Two types of electrode holders are the  Insulated electrode holder and non-insulated electrode holder. In welding, most melders prefer using insulated electrode holders to nom insulated electrode holders because they are not subjects to accidents because they are protected. Non-insulated electrode holders, on the other hand, are very prone to accidents due to shortcircuiting during welding.

Different types of Welding Electrode Holder

There are different types of welding electrode holders, depending on the kind of work you are performing. The  following are the common types of electrode holders for welding:

1. Stick welding electrode holder

This type of electrode holder has about 600 Amps and a clamping diameter of 2.0mm. With a double screw clamping cable, the holder can hold large electrodes of up to 110 sq mm. The holder can only hold only one wire in place.

2. Myking type Electrode Holder  

It’s the best electrode holder since it can hold two electrodes of about 650g at the same time. It is 257 mm long, has 400Amphs, and its gripping diameter is about 40mm. In case you need to upgrade the electrode holder you are currently holding, myking type electrode holder will be the best option.

3. Crocodile Type Electrode Holder

Its made from materials that are of high quality, making it superior to other types of holders.It as 500 amperes,510 g and 7positions of holding electrodes. 

4. Optimus style Arc Welding Electrode Holder

It has 400 amperes. It’s like a crocodile electrode holder, but it is enclosed, can hold three electrodes at the same time and is also more substantial as compared to the crocodile electrode holder. 

What are the different welding electrode manufacturing processes? 

Welding electrodes are some of the compulsory components in welding. They are useful in joining metals. Welding electrodes come in a different size in terms of length and radius. Welding electrodes have two parts whereby the first one is the metal itself formed into wires which are cut into different heights while the second one is a coating made of flux.

The metal in welding electrodes is, made from various articles such as copper, brass, stainless steel, mild steel, cast iron, and aluminum. The flux coating, on the other hand, is made of plant cellulose, hydrogen, potassium, sodium, and powdered iron. The flux coating prevents electric current flow during welding. The following is the welding electrode manufacturing processes:

  • Preparing the core wire

The first thing is purchasing a core wire that has a little amount of carbon and silicon. The cables are later made into wire coils of different sizes at the wire drawing plants. The next thing is straightening the wires and cutting them into the required sizes.

  • Preparation of  a dry mixture 

A dry mixture is a combination of chemical containing the flux that is used to coat the metallic rods. This chemical that is used to make flux is composed of mica, cellulose, low carbon ferromanganese, rutile, titanium dioxide, quartz, and feldspar. They are weighed keenly and are added to the dry mixture and are thoroughly mixed to make a homogeneous mixture. The dough can be put in a container as ready flux 

  • Preparation wet mix

While preparing the wet mixture potassium silicate is used for binding. When the potassium silicate is mixed with the flux, a wet mixture is formed. The wet mix is trying pressed to make briquettes. During the pressing of the wet mixture, the flux loaded in the flux cylinder of the extruder.

  • Coating of the flux

The flux cylinder feeds the extrusion press with flux during this coating process. As the wire is induced by the wire magazine of the electrode press, the briquettes are introduced in the extrusion cylinder. The core wire that was first prepared is then fed singly from the wire feeder, and as they pass through the nozzle, they are coated with flux.

The electrodes that are coming from the press are tested in a tester, and the bad ones are rejected. The reject electrodes are taken into the stripping machine and are stripped off the flux. The flux and the wire are recycled. Through the conveyor, the quality electrodes pass through the brushing machine for brushing and cleaning. The electrodes are later spread for drying, and they are fed to the oven when they dry.

  • Baking the coated electrode 

 The dry electrodes are baked in an oven, although the baking cycle depends on the types of the wires. 

  • Control of the quality of the electrode

In this step, there is checking of the proportions of the ground ingredients and mixing them. The moisture content, drying conditions, core wire chemical analysis, powders bonding materials, the thickness of the electrodes are also checked. The electrodes are also tested on the trail plates.

  • Grading and packing 

The electrodes that have been tested and are found to be useful are stored in wrapped polythene bags and are stored in cartons. The small boxes are stored in bigger containers.

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