Welding Cable

General Details

Gravity welding cables are designed and manufactured for use in welding industry , these cables offer flexibility over a wide range of environmental conditions and added performance benefits . Gravity cables are highly resistant to heat , most chemicals  and mechanical damage  and are suitable for use in open spaces and in dry & damp conditions.

  1. Extra flexible rope stranding for added flexibility and easy handling .
  2. Highly resistant  to cuts , tears and abrasion .
  3. Ability to withstand a wide range of service temperature from -140C – + 800C.
  4. Suitable for use in indoors  and outdoors
  • Conductor : Plain annealed copper or aluminum .
  • Outer Sheath : TRS / HOFR
  • Color Of Sheath : Black / Orange
  • Separator : Polyester Tape
  • Max. Operating Temp. : -140C  to  +800C
  • Length Of Bundle : 100 mtrs.
  • Packing : In Gunny Bags
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