Double Stage Regulators

General Details

GRAVITY double stage regulator is designed to provide precise, fluctuation free outlet pressure for welding, cutting and allied processes. The first stage reduces the inlet pressure by over 70% and the second stage diaphragm ensures accurate outlet pressure. Gravity double stage regulators are precision built conforming to IS:6901 standards to provide maximum accuracy and safety.

What is a Dual Stage Regulator?

A dual stage regulator comprises of two regulators that reduce pressure in two stages. The two stages in double stage pressure regulators functions are referred to as the first stage and the second stage. The regulator in the 1st stage cannot be adjusted while the regulator in the second stage is controllable. The first regulator reduces the inlet pressure to an intermediate pressure then the second regulator reduces the pressure from the average force to a pressure that is safe for work. Two-stage gas has two valves that are put in place to ensure that there is safety in case the pressure of the flowing gas is excess. The valves prevent any explosion in such cases.

What is the purpose of a two-stage regulator?

The following are the purposes of a two-stage regulator: 

  • In welding, cutting, and brazing.
  • In life, supporting machines in hospitals.
  • In drinks and food processing and preservation.
  • To prevent accidents that occur due to the explosion of gases

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Buy Online Two Stage Cylinder Regulator

In case you need a two-stage cylinder regulator, Gas Arc Industries India is where you need to purchase such products. You can now buy online two-stage cylinder regulator rather than traveling for so many kilometers to buy whatever you need. At times you need to pay an extra coin so that you can pay people to deliver your two-stage pressure regulator at home, but they may mishandle it since they only want to get the cash, but don’t care about the wellbeing of whatever they are transporting. The most appealing thing with this supplier is that once you order and pay for your dual stage gas cylinder regulator, it will be delivered when you wish.

Types of Dual-Stage Gas Cylinder Regulator

The dual stage gas cylinder regulators are classified according to the type of gas they control and regulate its pressure. Each type of gas requires its two-stage pressure regulator since when you mix the gases, there can be an explosion. The following are some of the different types of two-stage gas cylinder pressure regulators:

  1.   Hydrogen Gas Cylinder Regulator
  2.   The Propane Gas Cylinder Regulator
  3.   Oxygen gas cylinder regulator
  4.   Butane gas cylinder regulator
  • High strength forged brass body and bonnet for maximum durability and extended life .
  • Heavy duty , durable , all brass construction .
  • Solid forged brass bonnet with operational data printed on it .
  • The regulator allows for much finer control of outlet pressure .
  • Safety relief valve protects the regulator in event of over pressurization .
  • Sintered inlet filter reduces contamination , protecting the seat from damage .
  • Inlet & outlet pressure gauges with dual scale & easy to read readings .
44OX 1010001112 OXYGEN 300 10 30 5/8” BSP(RH) 3/8” BSP(RH)
44DA 1010001113 ACETYLENE 25 0.8 2 5/8” BSP(LH) 3/8” BSP(LH)
44AR 1010001114 ARGON 300 10 30 5/8” BSP(RH) 3/8” BSP(RH)
44CO 1010001115 CARBONDIOXIDE 200 4 2 5/8” BSP(RH) 3/8” BSP(RH)
44NI 1010001116 NITROGEN 300 10 30 5/8” BSP(RH) 3/8” BSP(RH)
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