August 8, 2019

What is Electrode Drying Oven and its Types?

The electrode drying ovens are used mainly at industrial sites where they are used to heat-treat weldments or metallic parts by the welders and fabricators.

Applications of Welding Electrode Oven

Some of the applications are:

  • Ship bearings
  • Aluminum
  • Cylinder heads
  • Plates
  • Carbon steel joints.

You can find several ovens in different types of industries like oil, shipbuilding, aerospace, and construction.

Categories of Electrode Drying Ovens

There are two categories in which these ovens are distributed, namely

1. Rebake, and

2. Holding

1. Holding

It may be short or long and may maintain factory levels of dryness. The temperature recommendations will base on the electrode and flux coating.

2. Rebake

It is short term and requires higher temperature heating. This is mainly used when the electrode is damaged from the moisture.

Types of Electrode Drying Ovens and its uses

Some of the different types of Electrode Drying Ovens and its uses are:

1.  Welding Flux Storage and Rebake Oven

These ovens generally have the highest temperature up to 500-1000 degrees Fahrenheit. These are specially designed to store flux. As it possesses two qualities together, fast heat-up time and rugged designs suit them the best.

2.  Welding Electrode Rebake Oven

The coating on the welding electrode draws hydrogen-containing moisture from the air, and then wires enter the weld, which leads to cracking. Therefore, there is a need that you should restore them by re-baking. This is the essential oven for many of the industries.

3.  Portable Welding Electrode Ovens

This type of oven is essential to keep the rods dry in the field. These ovens are small like five pounds-50 pounds that may have separated designs or can be rugged, transported, and durable. They can be used to transfer just baked items from the shop to the field.

4.  Custom Preheating Ovens

Every firm requires a different type of electrode oven as its requirements. Therefore, there are options that you can order to manufacture an oven according to your requirements like with special parts, specifications, custom shelving, and heating capacity. There are more options as well as they can be top-loaded or front-loaded. You can just call a professional and with its guidance and your needs and wants for the firm can have a custom oven.

5.  Filler Rod Holding Ovens

When considering, MIG wire and TIG filler rod holding ovens fall under this category. You have options for the bench-top models and large ovens for holding multiple large spools. It helps in protecting your expensive consumables. If you are considering a floor model for any large shop, preferably one with forklift slots for easy moving.

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