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GRAVITY FLAME GUARD is the dry type with gas non-return valve robust flashback arrestors specially designed for pressure regulators and blowpipes used in welding, gas cutting, and heating applications. It’s all brass construction and high-grade soft sealing material makes it fully compatible with oxygen, acetylene, propane gases.

What is Flashback Arrestor?

A flashback arrestor is a safety device that is used in welding gas pipes to stop any flames in case the gases left any tracks that can lead to an explosion. Welding flashback arrestors have an element that a very narrow passage that passes through a mesh wire or even a metallic foam. In case the flame comes into contact with the component, the element cols it since it has an icy surface, thereby extinguishing the fire. Flame arrestors that are pressure or temperature-controlled valves are also called flashback arrestors. 

 You can use flashback arrestors in gas welding pipes which run from gas cylinders to the nozzles. They are very crucial safety devices that are designed to ensure that welding buildings are very safe from any accident that may be caused by the explosion of the tracks of any gases.

Types of Flashback Arrestors

There two types of flash arrestors that you find in gas welding pipes are : 

  1.   Dry flashback arrestors
  2.   Wet flashback arrestors

Let us discuss them in brief here:

 1. Dry flashback arrestors

This type of flashback arrestors is three ways of working flame back arrestor. The three methods include:

  •  It stops any fuel flow by non-return valves.
  •  It also stops flames from passing the direction of the cylinder through a filter that is cylindrical with stainless steel material.
  • It prevents any mixture of gases from flowing backward.

 2.  Wet flashback arrestors

This type of flash arrestor has a liquid in it which acts as a barrier against any flames. It stops and puts off fire just like a siphon. Unlike the dry flashback arrestors, wet flashback arrestors work in one direction although it’s more significant than the dry flashback arrestor. The wet flashback arrestors are mainly installed in gas welding pipes that are in a vast and permanent building. Once you install this safety device in your gas welding pipes, you must check the level of the liquid occasionally.

Functions of a Flash Arrestor

The following are the functions of an arrestor flashback:

  •  A regular flashback arrestor prevents the flow of or gases in case of a pressure shock.
  • Prevents oxygen gas from entering into gas cylinders.
  • Stops the flow of any gas when there is a turn back
  • Flash arrestor also extinguishes flames in case there is an explosion.
  • It ensures that the people in the welding room and the welding equipment stored there are safe from an explosion.

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Flashback Arrestor Working Principle

A welding flashback arrestor has some elements that help its working principle. These elements include:

  • A gas non-valve 
  •  Flame arrestor
  •  Thermal cut-off valve 
  • The pressure-sensitive gas cut-off valve 

1.  A gas non-valve 

It’s abbreviated as NV. It has two functions

  •  Prevent any poisonous and dangerous mixtures of gases
  •  It makes sure that the gases are flowing in the right direction.

2. Flame arrestor 

Abbreviated as FA. Flame back arrestor has the following functions:

  • Cooling the flame to a temperature that is below the igniting temperature of the gas
  • It averts and prevents any flashback.

3. Thermal cut-off valve

Commonly known as TV. The thermal cut-off valve serves the following functions:

  • Prevents the gases from heating to excess temperature.
  • Automatically closes when the gases reach a specific temperature, thereby preventing the gases from reaching beyond the ignition temperatures.

4. The pressure-sensitive gas cut-off valve 

The PV stops the gases or gas mixtures from flowing when a pressure shock occurs.

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  • A spring loaded non-return valve protects the reverse flow of gases .
  • Requires no manual reset .
  • Ideal for use with oxygen , acetylene , BMC G / LP Gases .
  • High quality brass construction .
  • Double o-ring seal .
  • Easy to install .

Operation /Usage :

  • Flashback arrestors are used to protect gas cylinder against dangerous flow of gases during welding , cutting & heating process .
  • Flameguard flashback arrestors can be fitted on outlets of regulators & inlets of blowpipes .
  • Only one piece of equipment must be connected to a single flashback arrestor .
  • Max. ambient working temperature is 600 C .
  • Monthly testing of non-return valve , body leak tightness & flow capacity is recommended .
4040004401 Blowpipe OXYGEN 10 3/8” BSP (RH)
4040004402 Blowpipe ACETYLENE 1.50 3/8” BSP (LH)
4040004403 Regulator OXYGEN 10 3/8” BSP (RH)
4040004404 Regulator ACETYLENE 1.50 3/8” BSP (LH)
4040004405 Cutting Machine OXYGEN 8 ¼” BSP (RH)
4040004406 Cutting Machine ACETYLENE 1.30 ¼” BSP (LH)
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