January 29, 2016

Tig / Mig Welding Filler Wire Chemical Composition

304L Welding Of AISI Types 301 , 302, 304, 304L Steels. C0.03,Si0.75 ,Mn2.00,P0.045,

Ni 8.00-10.50 , Cr 18.00-20.00

308L Welding Of Low Carbon 18%Cr-8%NI Steels such As AISI Type 304L ,308L. C0.03,Si0.65,Mn1.50-2.00,P0.025, Ni 9.50-11.00 , Cr 19.00 – 21.00
309L Welding Of Dissimilar Steel Such As Type 304 To Carbon Steel Or Low Alloy Steels. C0.02-0.03,Si0.65,Mn1.0-2.50, P0.02- 0.03,S0.03,Ni12.0-14.0, Cr23.0- 25.0
316L Welding Of Low Carbon 18%Cr-11%Ni-MO Steel Where Corrosion Resistance Is Required. C0.03,Si0.30-0.65,Mn1.0-2.50, P0.03,S0.03,Ni10.0-13.0, Cr18.00-20.0, M02.00-3.00
310 Welding Of Matching Chemistry Steels For High Temperature Applications. C0.08-0.15,Si0.30-0.65,Mn1.0-2.5 PO0.02-0.03,S0.03,Ni20.00-22.50, Cr25.00-28.00
347 Welding Of 18%Cr-9%Ni-Nb Steels (AISI Type 347),18%Cr-9%Ni-Ti Steels (AISI Type 321) For Applications At High Temperatures Upto 4000C C0.08,Si0.30-0.65,Mn1.0-2.50, P0.30,S0.03,Ni9.00-10.50,


70S2 Welding Of Mild Steel,Pipes , Steel Sheets , Plates & Other Structural Steels C0.07,Si0.40-0.70,Mn0.90-1.40,


80SB2 Welding Of 1.25%Cr-0.5%Mo Heat Resistant Steels . C0.07-0.12,Si0.40-0.70,Mn0.40-0.70,Cu0.035,Ni0.20,Cr1.20-1.50,


90SB3 Welding Of 2.25%Cr-1%Mo Heat Resistant Steels . C0.07-0.12,Si0.40-0.70,Mn0.70, Cu0.35,Ni0.20,Cr2.50,Mo0.90-1.20
1100 Welding Of Pure Aluminium Used In Automotive Industry , Construction, Plumbing , Etc. Si0.25,Fe0.40,Cu0.05-0.20,Mn0.05


4043 A Good General Purpose Filler Wire With Silicon Additives For Improved Flow & Reduces Cracking. Si4.50-6.00,Fe0.80,Cu0.30,Mn0.05 Zn0.10,Al Remaining.


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