July 22, 2019

How to choose the Best Quality Pressure Regulator?

Pressure regulators are devices used to control the pressure of a particular fluid flowing through a given channel. These devices (industrial pressure regulators) are imperative in ensuring the smooth operation of machinery, especially in an industrial setting. In this consumer-driven industrial era, a background check has proven essential when purchasing a commodity.

The same goes for high-pressure regulators. There are a number of factors that must be included in your checklist before cashing in on a regulator. The most pertinent factor is the regulator sizing, which encompasses a list of other parameters that will be discussed later in this article. The quality of the pressure regulator parts should also be prioritized. 

Crucial factors to consider when selecting a quality Pressure Regulator 

Here are some factors you need to consider when selecting or buying a quality pressure regulator at best price in India.

1. Upstream Pressure 

This is also known as the inlet or supply pressure, upstream into the regulator. It is normally the high pressure that needs to be regulated to a much smaller value. Consider regulator that can handle stepping down the high pressure into the needed values e.g., from 250psi to 100psi. Otherwise, there may be a need for subsequent pressure regulators to achieve the intended purpose.

2. Downstream Pressure 

This is the specific pressure, like 10 psi or a range of 5-40 psi required in the outlet stream. Pressure regulators are designed to give a certain set of output pressure of the fluid. When selecting the best regulator put in mind the pressure values required in the downstream and choose a regulator that will yield the specified values. 

Wide pressure range output is recommended as it accommodates future adjustments in the output pressure.

3. Operation Temperature 

The temperature has been discovered to affect the Cv of pressure regulators. Cv is the coefficient of flow for valve sizing. It is best advised to select a regulator that has a wide range of operating temperature to eliminate the effect on Cv.

4. Flow Range 

When sizing a regulator, you should consider its flow range. While doing this, 3 points should be examined; the minimum, normal, and maximum point. This will serve as a guide to ensure the pump is not overloaded or underworked during its operation to achieve optimized performance.

5.  Fluid Type 

Determining the type of fluid whose pressure is to be regulated is crucial in sizing a regulator. Be it gas, liquid, or steam, it has to be known beforehand. This is due to the slight differences in calculations of different parameters e.g., critical pressure drop calculation for the three fluids.  

6. Pressure Regulator Price 

Affordability of a regulator is a key factor that cannot be overlooked. After counter-checking with the other required specifications, the last thing is ascertaining whether or not it is worth you are paying for. Ensure it makes good value for your money and fits in your budget. 

Be sure to compare the prices with other stores selling the same. Go for the best deal in terms of monetary value and quality.

The above 6 factors are the most important ones when sizing a regulator to purchase if at all optimum performance and high quality is anything to go by.

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