Pressure Regulators

What are Pressure Regulators?

A pressure regulator is a valve that automatically controls the flow of fluids at a specific pressure. These fluids include different gases and liquids.

Types of Pressure Regulators

There are different kinds of pressure regulators, depending on the fluid you want to control its pressure. They include:

  1. Back pressure regulators

       2. Dome-loaded pressure regulator

       3. Air loaded pressure regulator

       4. Blanketing and low-pressure regulators

       5. Spring loaded pressure regulator  

How does a Pressure Regulator work?

When the supply releases a fluid at high pressure, the fluid enters the pressure regulator through the inlet valve and then it moves to the regulator’s body under the control of the needle valve. This result to rise in pressure, which in return pushes the diaphragm, thereby shutting the inlet valve.

The closed inlet valve doesn’t allow any fluid into the pressure regulator. The pressure in both the outlet and the inlet valves holds the diaphragm in a very tight position against the spring’s force.

When the pressure of the fluid reduces, the spring begins to compress; hence, more fluid is allowed in with more pressure building up in the outlet valve where pressure also increases. The fluid is now expelled through the outlet valve, making the pressure in the pressure regulator to reduce. The spring pushes the diaphragm making the valve to open.

What is the purpose of a Pressure Regulator?

Pressure regulators are vital in various applications and industries because of the roles they play in these fields. The following are the purposes of a pressure regulator:

  • A pressure regulator is also essential in reducing gases or liquids in tanks at high pressure to a force that can be safe for use. 
  • A pressure regulator is also useful in reducing the pressure supply to a lower amount at the outlet, the pressure regulator.

How to use a Pressure Regulator?

Whenever you are using a pressure regulator, you must know the working principle of pressure regulators for you to understand how to use a pressure regulator.  The following is a description of how to use a pressure regulator.

  1. Open the supply valve slowly as you look at the supply pressure keenly.
  2. Turn the regulator control valve slowly until the pressure in the regulator reaches a desirable level.
  3.  Since the outlet valve is closed, open it, and use the tap to regulate the fluid flow. The pressure should be ultimate.
  4. Using soapy water or surfactant solution, check whether there is leakage. In case there is leakage, call a technician for any assistance.

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Points to consider before you Buy a Pressure Regulator

In case you want to purchase a pressure regulator, it’s not all about walking to a shop and getting one for yourself. There are several points you must consider before buying a pressure regulator. These factors include:

1. The Operating Pressure

You must find out the pressure that you want to support the pressure at the outlet and also the pressure that is at the inlet and the intended pressure at the outlet valve.

2. The flow of the fluids

A pressure regulator manufacturer must provide a graph that shows the flow of the fluids. Purchase a pressure regulator that has a linear range graph.

3. Operating Environment

The condition on which you are going to operate the regulator determines the pressure regulator purchase. There are pressure regulators for a hostile and friendly environment.

4. Temperature 

The temperatures of different places assess the type of pressure regulators to use since the materials used to manufacture them are different. The pressure regulators used in tropical areas are not suitable for cooler places.

5. The size and weight of the regulator

In case you have limited space, avoid buying huge pressure regulators that can not fit in your room.

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