Gas Cutting Nozzle

What a Gas Cutting Nozzle Is?

Just what is a gas cutting nozzle? This is a metallic device used in the fabrication industry. Its primary and core function is to preheat the metal to be cut to its ignition or melting point. 

Additionally, it provides a stream of oxygen gas to react with the metal being cut and consequently blows away the slag. Echoing this, it is the device at the piping tip of commonly used oxy-acetylene flame used for cutting steel. The small metallic part that dispenses the flame. 

There is a variety of gas cutting nozzle types in the market. Each is chosen depending on the size, torch type, material, bore diameter, thickness to be cut, and the pressure of oxygen. These nozzles have extensive use in the fabrication industry, each delivering a certain specific cut.

Types of gas cutting nozzles

Gas cutting nozzles are supplied in various types. There are three main globally recognized and frequently used nozzles. They are supplied in different sizes, material, bore diameters, and pressure tolerance ability. This attracts a different gas cutting nozzle price on each piece. In this section, this article sheds light on the three main gas cutting nozzles.

1. A – Type Nozzle 

This type of nozzle is meant for use in a two-seat blow pipe cutting flame. It is supplied as a two piece. It is mostly used with liquefied petroleum gas as the preheating gas. A-type is made with different bore diameter to produce a cutting of desired thickness or width. Below is a table showing the different bore diameters and corresponding cutting thickness.

Table 1.1 

Nozzle Size (Inches) Thickness to be cut (mm) Oxygen pressure (Kg/cm2)
1/32 3-6 1.5
3/64 6-19 3
1/16 19-100 5
5/64 100-150 6
3/32 150-200 7.5
7/64 200-250 8
1/8 250-300 8

2. B – Type Nozzle 

Similar to its predecessor above, B-type Nozzle is used in a two-seat pipe gas cutting flame. The nozzle consists of two parts. It is used with liquefied petroleum gas fuel to produce the preheating flame. This type shares the same dimensional variations as A- type in terms of size and flame width produced. Please refer to Table 1.1 above for the specific size you require.

3. PNM Nozzle 

The PNM nozzle is highly appreciated for the extra safety measure it employs. It limits the mixing of gases to the 3 seat nozzle only thereby eliminating any possible chance of a backfire or a flashback hence ensuring work safety. It is produced for use with liquefied petroleum gas and acetylene gas fuels.

It comes in two pieces for LPG use and a single piece for acetylene use. Similar to its two counterparts discussed above, it is available in various sizes. Table 1.1 above, clearly illustrates the sizes available in the market.

Where can I buy a Gas Cutting Nozzle in India?

Gas cutting nozzles are almost available in every hardware in India. When purchasing one, quality and price should be prioritized. Apparently, in India, the best nozzles made from gas cutting nozzle material of highest quality can only be found in one place: Gas Arc Industries. 

This award-winning company manufactures all of the above-discussed types in all the sizes. For supplies, you can contact any of their gas cutting nozzle supplier available on the company’s website. Never compromise with cheap nozzles, scout for the Gas Arc cutting nozzles for the ultimate cutting experience. Get the best value for your money.

Working principle of Cutting Gas Nozzle

The nozzle is structured with a central oxygen bore and circular bores to provide the heating gases. When cutting, the preheating gases are channeled through the circular rings to the metal. Once the metal is red hot, oxygen is supplied through the central bore. The oxygen reacts with the metal producing heat which accelerates the heating process causing the metal to melt into liquid iron ore.

The flowing oxygen stream blows away the liquefied iron to create a cut on its surface. Nozzles aid in acquiring the right fuel-air mixture to attain the best cut. They also play a pivotal role in directing the flame and determining the cutting width as dictated by their bore size and type.